Sarawak Tours


The Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo offers an unforgettable mix of culture- and nature-based travel experiences. With its history of White Rajahs, diverse cultures, mighty rivers, rainforests and iconic wildlife, Sarawak is a unique destination which appeals to a wide range of visitors. Our tours and excursions are designed to get the best out of what Sarawak has to offer. Whether it is enjoying the charms of historic Kuching; exploring the massive cave systems of Mulu National Park; jungle trekking and wildlife watching at Bako National Park; travelling up river to visit the Iban tribes and experience longhouse life; or staying in the jungle lodge at Ulu Ai; our experienced local guides will connect you with Sarawak, its people and the natural features of the “Land of the Hornbills”. If you find that none of the packages on our website fit into your itinerary, we can create tailor made tours to your requirements.

If you do not have the time to use one of our set itineraries, or if you feel that you would like to arrange a tour to destinations other than those in the set itineraries, you can use the various tour itineraries as examples to help you put a tour of your own choice together. Contact us for ideas or to find out more about our organised tour itineraries. We would like to assist you to achieve the most memorable holiday you have ever experienced. When you have some ideas together, contact us by email or on the phone to make your booking or to find out more. Alternatively, contact us in the first instance to help you put the ideas together. The information we will need will be:

  • number of passengers
  • the age of the passengers – discounts apply to children under 12 for most tours, and accommodation packages often offer discounts to age 18.
  • approximate dates of travel and duration of stay
  • a rough idea of your budget
  • any particular areas of Borneo which have taken your interest and which you would like included in your trip

In order to keep our prices down, all tours operate on the principle that you may be in a small group of other people. A surcharge may apply to ensure a private tour.


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