Independence of Borneo Tours

One crucial aspect to which we would like to draw your attention is that our company is completely independent.
Neither our company, nor members of our staff, hold ownership in any lodges, hotels or Borneo based tour companies.

Furthermore, our sales office ethos dictates that we should never prefer one lodge or hotel over another, based upon the level of commission which we might earn.

This leaves our sales teams completely free to recommend whichever tours and accommodation which they feel are most appropriate for you. That is the predominant criteria.

This is one of the primary reasons why we feel it is better to arrange a trip through a company like ours, rather than direct with lodge and hotel owners, and tour operators. There are a lot of companies out there which are basically just pushing their own product, regardless of its appropriateness for your requirements.

It is part of our core mission to retain this level of independence, which we consider to be critical to the integrity of the service which we offer.

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