Many of our clients request stopovers on the way to or from Borneo – usually in Peninsula Malaysia, although Singapore is also a popular choice. Although our expertise is in the island of Borneo, we are also able to arrange good accommodation and tour packages to both of these areas. The most popular places in Peninsula Malaysia to spend a few days are:

  • Kuala Lumpur, a throbbing metropolis and the capital city of Malaysia,
  • Penang, which is an island located on the West coast, famous for its shopping and beaches, and
  • Langkawi, a beautiful island located off the North-West coast of the mainland, just to the South of the border with Thailand.

Bear with us while we work on some pages of information which you will find useful to provide ideas for your stopovers. Singapore details will follow once we have the Peninsula Malaysia information in a form which can be used by everybody.

Peninsula Malaysia Stopover Packages