Niah Caves Day Trip from Miri

Niah Caves Day Trip From Miri

Tour Code: MYY3

Duration – Full Day

Depart from your hotel in the oil town of Miri early in the morning and drive 2 hours to Niah National Park (110 km). A stop may be made at a local market out of town. On arrival, you will take a boat across the Niah River and visit Niah Museum. From the museum, hike on a 3 km raised board walk which winds through lowland forest, to the entrance of the Great Cave. The Great Cave sheltered human life some 40,000 years ago. Here lie the oldest human remains in Southeast Asia, along with many other relics of prehistoric man. Today the cave is home only to bats, swiflets and other specially adapted forms of life. Local people still venture into the dark interior to collect guano and birds nests which form the basis of the chinese delicacy of Birds Nest Soup. In season, you will have a chance to see the birds nest collector harvest the nests.

You will also visit Traders Cave and the Painted Cave where you will be able to see the prehistoric rock art. Explore the caves and surroundings before returning to Niah National Park HQ. Lunch in Niah town, before returning to Miri in the afternoon. [Lunch included]

Note that Niah Museum is currently closed on Monday.

Archeological Site in the Great Cave

Archeological Site in the Great Cave at Niah

View of the West Mouth at Niah

View of the West Mouth

Tour Code Destination Duration Inclusions 1 Person 2 People 3 People
MYY3 Niah Caves only Tour Full Day Lunch $180 $90 $90


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