Mulu Combined Caves Tour

Combined Caves Day Tour

Tour Code: MZV21

Duration – Full Day

It goes without saying that any tour of Mulu should also include the popular tourist Caves – the Clearwater and Wind Caves, and the Deer and Lang Caves.

 Please be aware, that while it is possible to see all caves in the one day, we would suggest that you undertake the tours over two days – Clearwater and Wind Caves are only available to do in the morning, and similarly, Deer and Lang Caves can only be done in the afternoon. The times for the Canopy Walkway are strictly controlled by National Parks and you may find that it is not possible to do the walkway in the small amount of time available between the cave tours, however, it will generally be possible to do the canopy at some point during your stay in Mulu.

The visit to the Wind Cave necessitates a trip up the river by longboat. In the Wind Cave can be found the impressive “King’s Chamber”, and some wonderful examples of stalactites and stalagmites exhibiting delicate lace like patterns.

Boardwalk to the Clearwater Cave entry at Mulu National Park in Sarawak

Boardwalk to Clearwater Cave - Mulu

Clearwater Cave nearby is accessed by a boardwalk suspended from the limestone cliff. The cave is the home of a unique species of plant – the one leafed plant which can only be found at Mulu. Rare species of orchids and pitcher plants can be seen in many locations and photo-sensitive algae grow on certain rocks and have produced needle-like formations that point towards the source of light. Close to Clearwater Cave is a wonderful swimming area which is nicely shaded by giant rainforest trees, where you will be able to enjoy a lunch break.
The stalactites and stalagmites in Lang’s Cave are some of the best to be found in Mulu National Park.

From the Park HQ, you will take a scenic 3km boardwalk through primary rainforest to the entrance of Deer Cave. The cave has a moon-like landscape and from one vantage point, a perfect profile of President Lincoln can be observed.

Formations in Lang's Cave

Formations in Lang's Cave

Mulu Rainforest- boardwalk to the Deer and Lang Caves

Mulu Rainforest- boardwalk to the caves

The exodus of bats in search of food from the Deer Cave at sunset each evening makes a late afternoon visit to the Deer Cave a high priority on the list of “must do’s”. The entry to the Deer Cave is the largest of any cave in the world – St. Paul’s Cathedral would fit comfortably under its archway.
Inside the Deer Cave - Mulu

Inside the Deer Cave - Mulu

Bats leaving the Deer Cave at sunset

Bats leaving the Deer Cave

Trek back to the Park H.Q. by torchlight. Return to your accommodation. (Lunch included)


The Mulu Canopy Skywalk measures 480 meters long and is the longest tree-based walkway in the world. As you walk among the ferns and vines 15 – 20 metres above the forest floor and river, you will enjoy this unique opportunity to get closer to the rainforest “web of life”, and observe it from a whole new perspective.

Note : This optional tour is subject to availability, and advance booking is required.

Tour Code Destination Duration Inclusions 1 Person 2 People 3 People
MZV21 Combined Caves and Canopy


over 2 Days


Lunch $320 $165 $165


Prices per person in Australian Dollars and valid 01 January 2019 to 31 December 2019 (E.O.E.) Refer to General Booking Conditions

Photographs courtesy of Phil Youdale, Forestry Sarawak and Manfred Leiter (Muenchen) and Sarawak Convention Bureau