Batang Ai Safari


Tour Code: BAI2

Duration – 2 Days/1 Night

Longboat on the River

Guiding the Longboat through the rapids

Depart Batang Ai Resort with your guide by longboat in the early morning, and ride across Batang Ai Lake. The lake is quite large, so it will take nearly an hour until you reach the Ai River. Very soon you will be shooting up choppy rapids. as the river narrows under overhanging trees. Your destination is Tibu jungle lodge which has been built close to the main Tibu longhouse which until recently, was a functioning Iban farm house. Leave your luggage at the lodge.
Continue your trip up the river to Batang Ai National Park Headquarters for registration. Meet your park ranger and begin hiking on one of the National Park trails in search of wildlife You will spend about 2 hours on the trails. The park is home to Orang-utans and gibbons, and hornbills, although these are not easily encountered in the area. Hike back to the lodge for dinner. join your guide for a night walk. Wildlife which may be spotted includes the shy civet cat as well as the more common large toads, frogs and other nocturnal animals. Return to the lodge for the night. (Lunch and Dinner included)
Tibu Longhouse - view from the river

Tibu Longhouse - view from the river

Day 2

Early breakfast at the lodge, go boating and fishing with your guide and boatmen before heading back to the Batang Ai Resort. Reach the resort by lunch time. The lunch time arrival allows you to take the afternoon shuttle bus from the resort back to Kuching. (Breakfast included)

Batang Ai Resort from the Lake

Batang Ai Resort from the Lake

Note : The lodge at Tibu is a timber lodge, located next to the river. The maximum capacity of the lodge is 12 people. The lodge is equipped with a dining area, a kitchen, two “Western” style toilets and two bath rooms (dip and splash), partitioned sleeping areas on raised platforms with mattresses and mosquito nets.
Photographs courtesy of Phil Youdale