Mulu National Park




The caves of Gunung Mulu, as it is known locally, are the crowning glory of Sarawak’s national parks and contain the largest limestone cave system in the world.

Mulu’s system of caves is truly spectacular. The caves which are open for public inspection include the world’s largest natural chamber (Sarawak Chamber), the world’s largest cave passage (Deer Cave) and the longest cave in South-East Asia (Clearwater Cave).

A visit to Mulu Caves will generally include an afternoon andearly evening Tour of the Deer Cave and Langs Caves on your first day in the area, and a tour of the Wind and Clearwater caves on your second day.

Langs Cave at Mulu

Bats leaving the Deer Cave at sunset

There is also plenty to see and do above ground, without having to venture into the caves. The park contains 15 different types of forest – including mixed dipterocarp, heath, peat swamp, moss forest and montane vegetation – and thousands of species of ferns, fungi, mosses and flowering plants, including 170 species of wild orchid and 10 species of pitcher plant. Mulu’s wildlife is as rich as its flora, and is inhabited by an impressive variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and other invertebrates.

Photographs on this page are courtesy of Phil Youdale and Sarawak Tourism