Poring Hot Springs is one of the best places to visit after a climb of Mt Kinabalu, or after a trip into the jungles of Sabah. Poring is a small town located about 19 km east of Ranau and 39 km east of Mount Kinabalu. The steaming sulphuric water is an excellent tonic for tired limbs. Between hot and cold baths, you can trek through the dipterocarp forests of Poring which are rich in fruit trees, kanas and rotan palms. The baths were originally built during the Japanese occupation and set in a lush green setting of a beautifully landscaped garden. It is called “Poring” because it is named after a species of bamboo abundant here.

Experience too, the canopy walkway (not for the faint hearted) where you are able to walk through the forest canopy of a suspended walkway suspended some 30 metres above the jungle floor. It is definitely worth the effort. The vegetation in the area is lowland rainforest.