Kudat, is the Northern-most town in Sabah, and the island of Borneo. Tanjung Sempang Mengayau, on the Kudat peninsula, is the actual “Northern Tip of Borneo” where you can witness the picturesque view of South China Sea meeting the Sulu Sea. Kudat was the first capital of British North Borneo Chartered Company.

Kudat is also home to the indigenous Rungus people, a sub-tribe of the indigenous Kadazandusun. A visit to a Rungus Longhouse will allow you to observe their very own unique bead works, lifestyle and costumes. Some of Sabah’s best seafood comes from the Kudat region. In and around Kudat you can relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in Sabah, and if you are a diver you will find the area not only intriguing for its marine life, but also for the host of ancient wrecks that can be found in the north of Sabah.

Local attractions in the Kudat area, include the gong making village at Kampung Sumangkap which is a lively authentic village where Rungus men have re-established the ancient art of gong-making. Gongs are made from brass or bronze and in early days were brought in from Brunei through trade. Gongs are the most prevalent of Sabah’s idiophones and are found throughout Sabah. They are widely used in areas inhabited by the Kadazandusun and Murut people. If you are drawn to the sea, you might like to visit Banggi Island. It is about a 50 minute boat ride to Banggi Island from Kudat. (The ferry runs each way only once per day, departing at 07.15 hrs from Banggi – you will need to arrange a private boat if you contemplate a day trip). Banggi Island is next to Balambangan Island which in inhabited by a group of minority ethnic peoples. Banggi was famous as one of about ten places in the world popular with treasure seekers, and has quite a history relating to lost treasure. It is an untapped island with stretches of beautiful white sandy beaches, with crystal clear water. Balambangan and Banggi are of great value for those interested in local culture and customs, languages and traditions, but equally so for botanists and nature lovers. Balambangan has also some interesting archaeological sites and limestone caves. Photograph on this page is copyright to Sabah Tourism Board