Just 20 minutes offshore from Miri in Northern Sarawak is a stretch of tropical coral reef which is home to a diversity of marine life. The dive sites include drop-offs, reefs and ship wrecks, offering divers sights of colourful hard and soft coral formations.

Marine life in the area include Butterfly fish, Clown fish, File fish, Angel fish, Basslets, Grunts, seafans, sponges, anemones, featherstars, and crustaceans such as shrimps, crabs and lobsters.



Dead Man's Fingers


Fan Coral


Favourite dive spots in the Miri region include:

  • Scubasa Reef
    This is a shallow reef at about 6 to 9 metres. It is carpeted with soft corals such as leather coral, elephants ear and dead mans fingers. Giant anemones and clown fish are found all over the reef. The reef is also characterised by the schooling yellow tail jacks and angel fish.
  • Mike’s Reef
    This is one of the most interesting reefs with a depth of about 12 metres. You will find both hard and soft corals here, including bubble coral, anchor coral and the colourful dendronepthyn. Feather stars, giant clams, nudibranchs and schooling yellow tail are also plentiful.
  • Sea Fan Garden
    This is a unique reef at about 15 metres, providing an excellent environment for an amazing variety of gorgonian sea fans and sea whips. Schooling batfish will always be there when you dive.
  • Scubasa Drop-off
    This exciting reef drops from 20 to 50 metres. At the wall, schooling jacks, barracuda, yellow tail and large grouper are always around to meet you. Sharks and trumpet fish may also be frequently seen.
  • Grouper Patch
    Giant Grouper inhabit this reef located at about 18 metres. Spiny lobsters are found here, together with yellow tails and other schooling fish.
  • Atago Maru Wreck
    A Second World War Japanese wreck lies just off Lutong. The 105 metre ship is sitting upright with the top deck just 9 metres from the surface. Most of the hull is covered with cave coral. Tree coral, sea fans and nudibranchs, barracuda, jacks and sea snakes will also be found.
Thanks to CoCo Dive for assistance in compiling the above information