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Mabul Sipadan Water Village

Mabul Sipadan Water Village resort

Mabul Island

is located to the North-West of Pulau Sipadan – about 15 minutes away by speed boat. Mabul is a coral island surrounded by gentle sloping reefs with depths from 3 to 35 metres and also a wall, housing numerous species of hard corals. The marine life is unique and offers an insight into the ecology of the smaller marine inhabitants of the reef not usually seen on nearby Sipadan. There are eight popular dive spots on Mabul – each offering its own speciality. The two islands – Mabul and Sipadan, together with Kapalai – are combined to provide a total diving experience.

Mabul also has beautiful white sandy beaches (as opposed to Sipadan’s gravelly beach), and snorkelling along the edge of the reef is excellent.

Boat building on Mabul

Boat building on Mabul

Mabul is home to a small village – generally fishing and boat building, as well as being the location of at least five dive resorts, and also smaller dive lodges.
Village life on Mabul

Village life on Mabul

Late afternoon view of the Mabul Island Shoreline

Mabul Shoreline - late afternoon sun

Favourite dive spots in Mabul include:

  • Paradise
    Great for viewing Cuttle fish, Mandarin fish, Pyjama fish, Crab eye gobies, Frog fish and Ghost Pipe fish.
  • Eel Garden
    Home to the eels (what else?) and also Gobies.
  • Ribbon Valley 1
    Look out for the Ribbon eels and larger frog fish (12-15 cm)
  • Ribbon Valley 2 and 3
    Great leaf fish and Ghost pipe fish.
  • Old Reef House
    Many Frog fish and Nudibranchs
  • Yoshi Point
    Excellent for Gobies and a special kind of seahorse.
  • Kapali
    Famous for Blue spotted sting rays and Nudibranchs.
  • Second Wall Rocks
    A drop of about 45 metres and home to the Hawk fish. At the bottom large Cods are found in sizes from 50 kg to 200 kg.
A Large Brain Coral

A Large Brain Coral

Dive Sites around Mabul Island

Dive Sites around Mabul Island

A Colourful Nudibranch

A Colourful Nudibranch

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