The diving in Brunei is still unknown to most people from outside the region. The 4500 hectares of coral reef and coastline form oases for rays, hammerhead sharks, grey tip sharks and many tropical fish and corals. Surrounded by colourful coral pinnacles, shipwrecks and disused oil rig platforms, Brunei offers a vast selection of different diving types. In some instances, it is difficult to say where the Labuan Diving (mentioned above) finishes and the Brunei diving starts. (Some of the wrecks from Labuan may be included in diving programmes from Brunei.) The best period for diving in Brunei is March through to October, when the lighter South-West Monsoon (the dry season) means calmer winds. The closest coastal reef dive is just 10 minutes offshore from Brunei. Marine life is abundant, with a colourful mixture of tropical fishes, soft and hard corals, anemones and seafans crowding the reefs. Shark watching is best around Brunei PatchesAmpa Patches and Iron Duke Shoals. Grey tips and White tips are common sights in the area.

Through rig diving, one can discover new dimensions to diving. These approximately 50 metre long triangular oil rig jackets were placed strategically on the seabed at Two Fathom Rock to foster marine life. The result is a breathtaking sight of soft corals, Groupers, Sponges, Featherstars and other colourful organisms. Schnapper, Barracuda, Sweetlips and schools of Jacks are among the inhabitants of these man made reefs. Whale sharks can sometimes be seen on the reef. Louisa Reef is Brunei’s most remote territory. There are immense underwater cliffs where the reef falls into the blue abyss. Sharks such as Hammerheads, White tips and Leopards are among the many great marine species which dominate the reef. The diving locations in and around Brunei are under continuous development, it is clear that there will be many more areas available to the dive enthusiast in the near future.

Thanks to Tropical Adventure for assistance in compiling the above information. Photos copyright to Poni Divers Brunei