There are a number of areas around Borneo which will be of interest to divers – whether experienced or novice. Some are well known, others perhaps not so well known, but all offering their own attraction to the diver.
Malaysia plays host to an amazingly diverse range of scuba destinations. Places of note include Layang Layang off the North-West coast of Borneo in the South China Sea, the wreck diving areas in the vicinity of Labuan, also on the North-West coast, the infamous Sipadan area on the East coast (including the neighbouring islands of Kapalai and Mabul which are world renowned destinations for macro dives.) In the Indonesian waters you will find the Derawan area (located to the South of Sipadan) which includes Sangalaki and Kakaban.


You will be able to cavort with turtles and dive amongst a swirling tornado of barracuda in Sipadan Island, or in Layang Layang dive on the pristine coral atoll with hammerhead sharks. You can find migrating whale sharks around Lankayan and macro diving in Mabul and Kapalai islands.
Sabah in Malaysian Borneo, is the basis of Malaysia’s claim as home to world class scuba diving. If you are looking for a memorable break on beautiful equatorial islands with pristine white sand beaches coupled with outstanding underwater marine beauty and diversity, then scuba diving in Malaysia is bound to have something for you.


The dive season runs all through the year in Borneo, depending on your choice of location. Look at each destination for more detailed information of exactly when the best time would be to visit the destinations.


There are more than a dozen premier scuba destinations in Borneo offering spectacular underwater sights. If you can name it, then there’s a destination in Borneo where you will see it; from macro life to pelagics, wrecks to wall dives, coral gardens teeming with a rich diversity of corals and fish, underwater caves where sleepy sharks go to chill out, and caverns where turtles go for eternal rest… Borneo diving has it all and then some.
Sipadan Island and Layang Layang are the most popular and well known destinations. Some 3,000 species were first found and classified while diving fabulous sites in Malaysia such as Sipadan. Lankayan is the latest hot destination that offer new frontiers if you’re looking for something different.



Photographs on this page are courtesy of Pulau Sipadan Resorts and Sport Diving Magazine and Phil Youdale