Dive packages for Semporna use local hotels and hostels as you will be land based and do day trips to the various dive spots. We do not have any prepared dive packages from Semporna, however, if you are interested, please contact us for prices and information, as we are certainly able to arrange everything for you if requested. If you are interested in arranging your own dive trip when you get there, we could suggest that you contact North Borneo Divers in Semporna to arrange the diving. Another dive operator in town definitely worth considering is Uncle Changs. The dive groups can sometimes be a little large – beware. Further very useful information about staying in Semporna, and diving from there, can be found on the Lonely Planet Thorntree bulletin board.

Hotels (on the cheap side) which might be worth considering, are Dragon Inn (looks nice, but from all reports, it may not be that nice a place to stay – reports vary), and Seafest Hotel (3 star) – the largest and probably the best hotel accommodation in town, both near the waterfront in Semporna.From Semporna to the dive sites of Mabul and Kapalai, you will have to travel by dive boat approximately 1 hr each way. To Sipadan, it is a further 15 minutes or so each way.

Seafest Hotel, Semporna


Photographs courtesy of Seafest Hotel