Scuba Junkie Mabul Beach Resort


Scuba Junkie Mabul Beach Resort, a one hour boat transfer from Semporna, has programmes in place to protect marine turtles, sharks and the surrounding coral reefs. It runs education programmes for the locals and actively encourages guests to buy bar snacks outside the resort. Perhaps most impressive of all, they refuse to serve seafood in the resort’s restaurant because around here the supply chain is not sustainable. Not only do these initiatives protect the environment, they send an important message to the people who stay here, one that they will hopefully take home with them. It’s important not only that we look after this fragile marine environment, but also that everyone who stays here learns something about it.” Kris Ashby, Resort Manager tells me. The first initiative you see as you step off the jetty is the resort’s turtle hatchery. Since Jacques Cousteau first raved about it back in the 1980’s, the Sipadan region’s turtle population has always been a big draw card for tourists. During our first snorkel here, we come across three turtles within minutes of entering the water, happily feeding and dozing on the artificial reef which the resort has installed. The resort also has a number of education programmes in place for the locals, encouraging them not to trade in turtle eggs. IN fact they purchase the eggs themselves, offering the locals MYR 10 per egg. This is three times the market rate, giving locals an incentive to bring these eggs to the turtle hatchery. Guests are also able to take part in the resort’s Turtle Adoption Programme, which helps fund the nursery and, if they’re lucky, watch the hatchlings make their way to the ocean when they are born. “The hatchery is guarded 24 hours a day. If the guards see them starting to hatch, we’ll wake up guests so that they can come to watch”, sys Kris. The resort also runs several educational programmes both on the island and in outreach programmes through schools locally and internationally. Events are held every month to highlight different issues. To raise awareness about plastic pollution, reef cleanups and beach cleanups are held each month which guests can take part in. Shark Week is celebrated once a year to highlight the plight of sharks, which seems to have had some effect on local fishing practice at least, with locals no longer trading in shark fin. The owners are now working on a five year plan with the Malaysian Government to establish a much larger marine sanctuary, some 8000 square kilometres in size that will encompass Sipadan and the surrounding islands, all the way to the mainland. In the meantime, the resort will continue to give a clear message to its guests to think about where their seafood actually comes from. The above information reproduced from an article in “TravelTalk” Magazine – October 2015 by Deborah Dickson-Smith  Visit the recently opened Mabul Beach Resort! With 24 Brand new en suite rooms situated on the beach front, treat yourself to a little luxury at incredible prices. All rooms include king-size and single bed (except VIP air-con, king size only), perfect for singles couples and families. Wake up and chill out on your own private balcony, take a swim over the house reef before enjoying breakfast or lunch at the large open plan restaurant.

Air Conditioned Balcony accommodation


Ensuite Fan Triple accommodation


Spend the day relaxing, snorkelling or diving at nearby Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai, SiAmil, Manta Point, plus many more Islands before enjoying a delicious evening meal and drinks at the licensed upper floor bar. Take an evening stroll on the private beach or hang out with the sociable dive and resort staff. At Scuba Junkie Mabul Beach Resort, you will have a wonderful island experience! At night, enjoy a cocktail in the Panoramic bar, or spot turtles laying eggs on the private beach. This area is one of the best dive destinations in the world. Scuba Junkie Mabul Beach Resort also has an award winning 5 Star PADI Dive Centre which teaches all courses from Open Water through to Instructor! The dive centre is well equipped with the newest, high quality dive equipment. The dive centre at Mabul Beach Resort can accommodate up to 80 divers a day and with over 100 world class dive sites to choose from, you will be sure to have the best dive holiday ever!

All these dive sites are accessed daily by Scuba Junkie


All dive packages include:

  • 3 boat dives per day (4 dives when diving at Sipadan)
  • Dive guide (max 4 divers per guide)
  • Full equipment rental (excluding dive computer)
  • Transfer to/from Mabul at specified tmes
  • Meals, tea, coffee & water
  • Accommodation at Mabul Beach Resort

Excluded from the packages are:

  • Sipadan permit fee MYR 40 (if diving at Sipadan)
  • Semporna Jetty Fee MYR 10
  • Alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks from the bar
  • Night Dives
  • Airport Transfers

The boat for Sipadan departs Mabul Beach Resort at 0630 hrs, and by 07.00 hrs you are suiting up and performing buddy checks for the first dive of the day. All of the dives are guided by experienced professionals who will ensure your dive is safe and that you see as many of the exciting species as possible in the area. After the first dive, you will have a light breakfast on the beach at Pulau Sipadan, followed by another 2 dives before lunch. A buffet lunch will be served on Sipadan Island, and after that you will have time to relax on the beach and digest your lunch before the 4th (and final) dive of the day, which will begin around 14.00 hrs. For all other dive trips from Mabul Beach Resort – Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan Barrier Reef, Si Amil, Manta Point, Ligitan, Roach Reef, and Boheyan, the boats depart from the Mabul Beach Resort Jetty at 09.00 hrs. For these trips, you will do 3 day dives a day. There is an optional night dive at Mabul which is highly recommended, as its one of the best night dives in the world! After your final dive of the day, your guides will do log books with you, and explain all the amazing marine life you have seen to you. Airport transfers from Tawau airport to Semporna, or return, are to be paid in cash to the driver.

  • 1 Person MYR 90 each way
  • 2 People MYR 45 per person each way
  • 3 People MYR 35 per person each way

Transfers from Semporna to Mabul Beach Resort leave Semporna at 08.00 hrs and 14.30 hrs. If you would like to use the transfer at 14.30 hrs, you will need to arrange a flight which lands in Tawau no later than 12.30 hrs, or you can catch the public air conditioned coach which departs Sandakan daily at 08.00 hrs. Transfers from Mabul Beach Resort to Semporna leave Mabul at 10.30 hr and 16.00 hrs. The 10.30 hr transfer is suitable for catching flights leaving Tawau at 15.30 hrs or later, and buses leaving at 14.00 hrs or later.

Duration Diver/Non Diver 1 Person 2 People 3 People
4 days/3 nights Dormitory Accommodation Diver $1245 $1245 $1245
Non-Diver $360 $360 $360
5 days/4 nights Dormitory Accommodation Diver $1,335 $1,295 $1,295
Non-Diver $480 $480 $480
6 days/5 nights Dormitory Accommodation Diver $1,750 $1,350 $1,350
Non-Diver $545 $545 $545
7 days/6 nights Dormitory Accommodation Diver $1,580 $1,540 $1,540
Non-Diver $670 $670 $670
4 days/3 nights Ensuite Fan Room Diver $1,350 $1,310 $1,310
Non-Diver $500 $450 $450
5 days/4 nights Ensuite Fan Room Diver $1,420 $1,380 $1,380
Non-Diver $655 $605 $605
6 days/5 nights Ensuite Fan Room Diver $1,490 $1,450 $1,450
Non-Diver $750 $700 $700
7 days/6 nights Ensuite Fan Room Diver $1,705 $1,665 $1,665
Non-Diver $860 $810 $810
4 days/3 nights Deluxe Air Con Room Diver $1,400 $1,360 $1,360
Non-Diver $545 $495 $495
5 days/4 nights Deluxe Air Con Room Diver $1,495 $1,455 $1,455
Non-Diver $710 $660 $660
6 days/5 nights Deluxe Air Con Room Diver $1,590 $1,550 $1,550
Non-Diver $825 $775 $775
7 days/6 nights Deluxe Air Con Room Diver $1,820 $1,780 $1,780
Non-Diver $995 $945 $945


Prices per person in Australian Dollars and valid 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 (E.O.E.) Refer to General Booking Conditions

Prices for other room types and package types (no diving at Sipadan) also available – please contact us for details A peak season supplement of $12 per person per night applies 10 to 25 April, 01 July to 10 October, and 15 December, 2019 to 05 January, 2020

Photographs copyright to Scuba Junkie Mabul Beach Resort