Scuba dive packages in Labuan use local hotels as you will be land based and do day trips to the various dive spots. There are currently a couple of dive shops in the town which are able to provide a dive service. A problem which exists, however, is that the dive shops come, and the dive shops go – often closing up from one day to the next. At present, Borneo Tour Specialists does not have a relationship with any of the operators, however, if you are interested in diving, let us know and we will arrange a package which includes accommodation, transfers and scuba diving. 
Diving in Labuan requires Advanced Open Water qualifications as a minimum, and the weather and visibility are the factors in determining your dive. You may also require a little luck! 
Labuan is a small duty free island , surrounded with big supply boats and offshore platforms. The dive sites are still largely untouched – dive here soon before it becomes too famous. Once we form a relationship with one or more of the dive shops in town, we will post the Information here. As an alternative to Labuan, you could also try  one of the other dive resorts in Borneo. Many of the dive sites which can be readily accessed from Labuan can also be accessed from Brunei. Refer to our Brunei information.